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Tracey Mallett the creator of the hugely popular global sensation bootybarre, has now developed Bbarreless for clubs and studios who currently do not have barre's or are unable to fit barres in their venues. Bbarreless is a fusion style class with a true foundation of Pilates performed to the beat of the music. You will experience a mind body connection fused with dance, Pilates and Yoga.

Bbarreless is about connecting your mind to the body, so that you not only strive to move with precision but also have FUN. You will challenge the core for balance and total body proprioception. Dancers have performed floor barre for generations as it allows them to explore new movements and gives them the strength to move with elegance and ease utilizing the floor for support.

Bbarreless is broken down into four blocks with two cardio fusion intervals a short warm-up and simple stretches to complete a total body workout. Each block has a unique focus and goal that incorporating strength, balance, power and flexibility movements. Two of the exercise blocks will use either a band/ball or both, to emphasize control of the body, assist you to do the exercise correctly and/or challenge your body awareness.

Bbarreless moves to the music, enhances your flexibility and challenges your body to move effortlessly like a dancer! 

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