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Rozliana or more lovingly known as Rozi has always express interest in many kinds of fitness. An avid dancer, she has been freelancing for more than a decade and came to love Belly Dancing and Bollywood the most. Always an explorer, she has jumped from rock climbing to Yoga and finally came to love Zumba.

After attending many different classes with various instructors, she has decided to be one herself and aims to make others feel the way she does in each of them – Outrageously Happy !!!!  She believes with her knowledge and deep passion, she can successfully fuse dance and fitness together and make everyone embrace Zumba with arms wide open !

Sim Wen Jie
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Sim Wen Jie

Wenjie is an energetic and highly motivated fitness instructor with all round experience spanning from KpopX fitness, Zumba Fitness. 

Wen Jie brings amazing energy to the class and his ability to assess the physical condition of students and change training methods from low to high impact make his classes a fun ride all the way!! 

Sim WenJie
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Samuie Tarjalia was introduced to dance as a child and he loves it passionately. He believes that ZUMBA Fitness is a platform that nurtures the power of optimism while enabling a healthy body, mind and heart. He has witnessed the life-changing impact of ZUMBA Fitness and seeks to share its fun and joy with as many people around him as possible. 

His classes are fun, easy to follow and use various fitness variations in accordance with the Zumba formula. He ensures her playlists and routines are tweaked to suit participants of all fitness levels so that everyone can enjoy a good fat burning workout!

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Everyone’s lives are different, but we can make it better by being healthy not only physically but mentally. It all starts with a positive mindset and this is what Faridie believes in since the start of his fitness journey.
Besides being an ACE certified Personal Trainer, Faridie was formerly a Fitness Trainer with the Singapore Armed Forces coaching trainees and NSMen. He graduated from Republic Polytechnic’s with a Diploma in Sports Coaching and is also a certified Strong By Zumba instructor. His numerous years of experience in coaching group classes has helped his students into achieving their goals.

His favourite class to coach is High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). His HIIT classes are a hit (pun intended) with his students as he challenges them to push their limits and rediscover what it is like, to be the best version of themselves.

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Timothy Zhuo

Since the start of his journey in dance, Timothy has trained in many different genres of dance to increase his vocabulary, as well as to further himself and experience a wider range of dance styles, including MTV, JK Pop, Hip Hop, Locking, Street Jazz, Jazz, Contemporary. He also got certified as a Zumba Fitness Instructor in Apr 2015 & STRONG by Zumba in 2016.

He has had the privilege of training under several renowned and respectable instructors, including Mr Aaron Khek, Ms Jennifer Pau & Mr Lim Chin Huat. He has also had the opportunity to work with an overseas instructor, Ms Kelly Manning from Australia, assisting her when she conducted her Studio Wu Code Edge Dance Chronicles Workshop in 2011 in Singapore.

Timothy’s love and passion for dance is still growing, and he believes he has much more to give. Dance has given him so much physically, emotionally and spiritually, and he wishes that someday, he can give back to this community that has helped shape and mould him as a dancer, and more importantly, as a person.

Timothy Zhuo
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Mus Fitri 

Mus graduated from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts with Diploma in Dance. He danced various genres such as Malay dance, Ballet , Jazz , HipHop , Modern Dance , Contemporary.  He was a Dance teacher, choreographer and an independent artist during his early years  before becoming fitness instructor.  Zin member ( since  2017 )  and has been teaching full time ever since.


Along the way his passion grew and lead him to upgrade himself and he is now a certified FISAF Group Exercise Instructor. He then took up more fitness  program certifications such as StrongNation and Bollybeats Fitness to expand his range of teaching.

From Mus :  " I am just very blessed to be able to wake up every morning doing what I'm passionate about. Sharing my world with everyone. I advocate dance movement expression through fitness "

Do join his fun packed & full of energy classes !

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Aaron Then

Aaron became licensed as a Zumba Instructor in 2011.

Brought up in a family of Ballroom dancers, he excelled in Dance and racked up numerous awards for both club and country.Aaron hopes to inspire everyone through his moves and passion for his craft, that anyone can dance and have a good time!

Shoron Ong (Pic).jpeg

Sharon Ong

Sharon has been a ZIN member since April 2015 and absolutely love teaching Zumba Classes.

The reason is simple for her: Every class feels like a party !

Come join her class and she guarantees you a blast!

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Teaching experience: Exotic dance since 2006 Pole dance since 2007 Mat Pilates since 2012 Les Mills BodyPump since 2016 POP Pilates since 2017 Les Mills Barre since 2018 BBarreLess since 2018  Programs trained in: Mat Pilates (including pre & post-natal) POP Pilates  Les Mills BodyPump, Barre, CXWorx BootyBarre & BBarreLess Pound Animal Flow FloorFlow

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